Welcome to Sri Venkateswara Carbonic Gases Pvt. Ltd

For more than two decades now, SVCG, a household name in Carbon Dioxide, Industrial & Medical Gases with a manufacturing capability at three of its state-of-the-art global scale facilities, prominently located at vantage points, close to our customers, delivering prompt and cost effective services 24x7 and 365 days in a year.

SVCG is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Dry Ice, Calibration Gases, Sterilization Gases, Ripening Gases, Refrigerant Gases, and Gas Mixtures of global standards. SVCG’s key products includes Carbon dioxide, Dry Ice, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Ammonia Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene, Hydrogen, SF6, Helium, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Special Gases, Etc.,

Sri Venkateswara Carbonic Gases Pvt. Ltd..

Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Purification

The Company commands expertise in setting-up Carbon Dioxide Plant, Dry Ice Plant, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Plant, Ripening Plant and such similar plants for its customers on turnkey basis as well as on lump sum contract basis.

SVCG with its in-house expertise had developed a technology in Dry Ice Blasting, Sterilization Process and Ripening Process, which finds application in

Cleaning of Plant & Machineries

Sterilization of Spices & Masala Mixture, Surgical and Medical Equipment

Ripening of Fruits

The Company with its over 20 years expertise accomplished both forward and backward integration of its businesses, be it manufacturing of machines or gas or processing of gases. The Company’s engineering division manufacturers and exports Dry Ice machines, Dry Ice Pelletizer machines, Dry Ice Blasting machines, Sterilization chambers, Ripening chambers, Super Critical Extractors and also manufactures customer’s specified machines and requirements.

SVCG builds customised Bulk Gases storage terminals at customers’ sites across South India, installs most sophisticated and globally rated apparatus, equipments and accessories and thereby offers speedy and cost effective deliveries in a bid to ensure uninterruptable gas supplies at its clients’ production facilities.

Our Company has State of the art Co2 manufacturing facility at Kallakurichi in Tamil Nadu and our production capacity per day is estimated at 60 tonnes and the Company’s current storage capacity of gases runs into 500 tonnes (at any time), more so, the Company owns a fleet of 16 mobile tankers of cumulative capacity of 150 metric tonnes and the ranging from 5 Tonnes to 20 Tonnes and also 10 transport vehicles and more than 25000 cylinders at its disposal. The Company with its dedicated and skilled staffs, resourceful infrastructure and strong inventories provides prompt and cost effective deliveries